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Avalon M. Madsen

Hex-Nail, LLC.
Co-Owner, Lead Designer & CMO
Portland, OR
The Hex-Nail is world's most integrated, advanced, and accurate e-nail on the market today. Boasting complete control from all your personal devices (via Bluetooth 4.0 or Wi-Fi) & features like a Dab Log, Real-Time Temperature Graphs, 5.5" Touchscreen, Glob Mode, and so much more.

Our proprietary A.D.M. Technology makes it the ONLY e-nail that shows you what temperature you are actually dabbing at. Using real-world analysis of current nails on the market today we can accurately predict in real-time what the temperature of your nail is...instead of just telling you your coil temperature and tossing a calculator in your lap.

And that same clunky metal box box we all know and love? Gone. We use high-quality American sourced, quarter-sawn hardwood for our enclosures. CNC Milled in-house to ensure the highest quality standards in the industry.

The next piece of the puzzle comes with the finish for the milled enclosure. Over 13 steps of sanding, oiling, waxing, and buffing are applied, by hand, to every single Hex-Nail that leaves our doors. Not to mention over 75 hours of stress testing to ensure that all the hardware is fool-proof & functioning for years to come.

And the final piece to the puzzle is our Lifetime Warranty, Lifetime Support, and Lifetime Software & Tuning updates. You'll never be behind the curve with the HN-01. New features are already being implemented every day from suggestions within the community. We give the people what they want, and we can deliver it without forcing our customers to buy a whole new e-nail.

Whether you live your life connected to the world around you, or completely off the grid. Hex-Nail is here to not only give you the best, but also the most accurate dab available today.