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Jared Mirsky

Online Marijuana Design
Seattle, WA

 Behind every success story is the determination to leave a mark upon the world. Some have left that mark through fame, others through power, but for Jared Mirsky the answer was passion. If anyone were to walk into his apartment, on any given day, they might find a set of drums, a guitar, a full photography studio, and a computer loaded with graphic design software. What you wouldn’t see are the five businesses that he currently owns and a timeline of bold decisions that carved his pathway into prosperity.

Born in Mountain View, California and raised in the town of Monroe, Washington Mirsky was instilled with the entrepreneurial spirit by his parents, each of whom, own their own businesses. After graduating from Monroe High School he went to work for his father, who owned multiple Gold’s Gyms in southern California at the time, and it was there that Mirsky began to understand what kind of man he wanted to become. At the age of nineteen, he stopped working for his father and decided to start his own business. The artistic side that seemed to always have been present was now flourishing in the world of graphic design. With a great deal of hard work, the wisdom to surround himself with the right people, and the mentorship of an old friend Mirsky’s business grew rapidly, eventually leading to numerous connections in the cannabis industry. The Huffington Post featured Mirsky in an article that appeared in August of 2013, leading to a massive influx of new customers. He quickly recognized that there was a niche market in Seattle that was being overlooked, which gave birth to a new company called Online Marijuana Design; a branding agency specializing in companies that grow and distribute cannabis products. Jared’s ability to recognize a need in the cannabis industry is his greatest asset and with almost eight years of experience, he knew that the world of branding in the cannabis industry was virtually limitless. As it turns out, he was absolutely right; Online Marijuana Design quickly became the largest cannabis branding agency in the world.

Since 2013 Mirsky and his companies have been featured in over eleven magazines including CNN Money, Geekwire, Northwest Leaf Magazine, Cashbis, and most recently in the top 40 under 40 for Marijuana Venture Magazine, but for Jared the greatest achievement in his life is his son. Few life experiences are as motivating as having a child early in life. “It was something that put me in my place. I needed to focus, I needed to create a legacy for my child,” said Mirsky. Whether he is spending time with his son playing soccer or on FaceTime during those long hours, Jared has made it his priority to be the father his son deserves. Success is simple when you understand how to balance your priorities with your passion but Jared Mirsky has found a way to make is passion his priority.

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